Nina Nastasia – Run To Ruin Review

Nina’s eerie minimal music reaches dizzy heights with her third album “Run To Ruin”. Despite only having 8 tracks and clocking in very quickly (half an hour) it completely immerses you in a world of tragedy, afterthought and observation all whilst clinging onto life itself.

“We Never Talked” gently scrapes your brain like a psychological horror movie with its ingenuous sting arrangements. “I Say That I Will Go” brings in more instruments slowly enveloping a disturbing climax of distuned strings, drum rolls and hammered dulcimers. “Regrets” almost has a real pace to it with its dysfunctional percussive sounds but the complete breakdown of the chorus with Nina’s high whaling vocals really make the song a treat.

“You Her and Me” is a beautiful narrative story ever plodding along in a folksy depressive mood before the only real single material “Superstar” gives us the only normal styled song on the album which is refreshing with actual chords, choruses and bridges. “The Body” is like a prayer, sung at high pitch with no real form to it and is clever in that its light and fluffy but serious at the same time.

My favourite track is “On Teasing”. It’s so vicious and dramatic like a b-movie on anti-depressants. It builds and builds to a fantastic finish and the lyrics are fantastic. If you wish to get into Nina you can do no wrong by starting here. The closer “While We Talk” is the twin to the opener, slowly fading away into echoes, eerily festering in your brain until the next listen.

I find this album so cleverly dark and humorous at the same time I find it always up in my favourites and while it may be an acquired alternative folk taste, if you like her you’ll love this album.

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