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SuperSweep – “Nanosweep” Review

“Nanosweep” is a brand of a collection of artists from various game music backgrounds. Together these artists are best known as Supersweep. Every so often they release a compilation of heavy tracks that are individual pieces not related to games and this a review of the first of the series.

“Red-Eye” opens from Nakany and sets the overall tone for the album and indeed the series. Heavy Drum and Bass booms through the speakers  with a floor vibrating pulse that drowns out the echoing electronic melodies above it. There is so much low end on this piece I can see it really filling the dance floors.

“Recycle” is a 7 minute epic by Koji Nakagawa. This reminds me my days playing with the E-Jay series at the beginning but soon develops into a real Ibiza style club tune that ends up reminding me of the PS2 game “Rez”.

“DENKI GIRL”  by Hiroshi Okubo is instantly a change in dynamics with its scatting weird noise and hyper speed Anime dating style music. Bright pianos and brass lead the way in a fantastic bubbly tune that its impossible to not get your foot tapping or yourself seat bopping.

“Flood” by Masashi Yano is a different beat altogether with a two minute assault at your ears. Heavily processed and very, very busy – it’ll certainly keep you on your toes and its a fine track – a bit like Zone of Enders in a way.

“Nova Prospect” is a more experimental piece. Yousuke Yasui has purposely made the main tune discordant and then everything around it to clash. It’s very much down to personal taste if you would like this piece but I can certainly say its a bit manic.

“Primitive Recycling” from Shinji Hosoe takes a lot of old acoustic percussion and then throws them around a lot of modern day technology and it works very well. The contrast is great even if there’s not a straight melody to it.

Finally “matoryoshka” from Ayako Saso if a very original song in placed and one that I personally really enjoy. It takes me back to early 1990’s rave days and then places some ancient sounding vocal samples over the top. It works really well and is a nice ending.

Nanosweep is a fast paced danceathon through the individual catalogues of the artists at SuperSweep. Some tracks definitely work better than other but there’s a couple of really good tracks here and for the price SuperSweep are after for them, its a good deal.

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