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Most Viewed – May 2009

For the first time in HPM’s history there hasn’t been a clear-cut winner with two artists almost drawing for first place on the most viewed list. Tori Amos however nudged it just from Utada to take top honours for the first time. It was our third most busiest month with visitors yet it was our equal second quietest in posts. This will change in June with an action packed month ahead! Here’s the top 10:

01) Tori Amos (^) 1 Month

02) Utada (v)

03) Sarah Slean (^)

04) Vienna Teng (v)

05) Reiko Nomura (NE)

06) Akira Yamaoka (^)

07) Brendan Perry (v)

08) Seiji Honda (NE)

09) Hiroki Kikuta (^)

10) OCRemix (v)

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