Most Viewed – September 2009

christophertinWell due to my holiday and getting back into the routine, September was a very quiet month for HPM in general but towards the end we had a massive influx of visitors for one man – Christopher Tin! He grabs this months most viewed award with the review of his debut album and his interview afterwards. Lisa Gerrard also popped up the order with audio samples from forthcoming album Black Opal. Here’s the top 10 artists:

01) Christopher Tin (NE)

02) Lisa Gerrard (^)

03) Imogen Heap (v)

04) Lisa Germano (^)

05) Brendan Perry (v)

06) Hikoki Kikuta (^)

07) Module (v)

08) OverClocked ReMix (v)

09) Utada (v)

10) Vienna Teng (RE)

In the gaming front, Battl Tanks was the top read review this month and actually the second highest hit post this month too! We will be going really into game reviews from all old consoles from October and they will feature more prominantly, as the site will now be taking a much more active approach due to a change in circumstances of myself!

01) Battle Tanks (NE)

02) Shatter (v)

03) Numblast (v)

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