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“Tenerreza – The Fragrant Breeze” Single Review

“Tenerreza – The Fragrant Breeze” is the four track single of the two vocal themes taken from the game and their karaoke instrumentals following in toe.

“The Fragrant Breeze” is a pleasant uptempo number. Piano lead with bass and drums throughout, embellishes of happy computerised noises and a syntherised instrumental section in the middle make the mood chirpy and uplifting. The chorus itself is pretty catchy too. However the voice Emi Motoda is what really rounds off the piece. Her voice is smooth and confident with no ear piercing tweaks, lovely harmonies and excellent backing vocals.

Emi’s voice is more appreciated in the very playful “Birthday” which is very typical of an uptempo ballad that would usually have a very high pitched over excitable lady or child singing. To have someone who doesn’t make you squint on the high notes is somewhat of a relief. “Birthday” isn’t quite as strong as “The Fragrant Breeze” but it’s certainly no slouch either with catchy bridges inbetween verses and chorus’.

Tenerreza’s single is hardly ground breaking in terms of music or subject matter and therefore struggles to really stand out from the crowd. However Emi Motoda’s voice is very easy on the ear and the songs are definately good to listen to, so if you have some spare money going, why not give it a whirl!

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