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Huski – “Make Me Your Picture” Review

Huski, vocally fronted by the wonderful Maple Bee. released one single that contained two fantastic b-sides that I think everyone needs to know about – so here they are!

“Make Me Your Picture” is a great song, a stomping drum beat, strong hynpotic syntherizers and dreamy whispy vocal layers over the top. The song gives a great representation of the whole Huski sound as a whole and is great electro-pop rock with a twist.

The first of the two b-sides is “Interior Girl” which is catchy enough to be a single itself. It has a shimmy beat to it and a simple melody but with a chorus and great iteraction between three different vocal structures which when all working together in unison really push the song forward. There’s beauty sometimes in simplicity and this is a great example of it.

The second b-side is “Strange Love” which is a bit more 80’s experimental and showcase again how to make spangley explosive songs that still have a tinge of sadness and regret. I particuarly like how this track gathers pace without ever really having a proper drum track, its just lots of electronic pulses that push together. It makes for a refreshing sound.

You can pick up the single digitally still, and for any Huski or electro-pop music lovers, I heartily recommend it!

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