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Classic Console Game Review: 10th Frame (ZX Spectrum)

The first review of the new classic console game review (CCGR) series is that of my first bowling game I owned called “10th Frame”. There’s not a Wii remote in sight!

As you can see, for a game released in 1987, it has typically garish graphics but all in all, this is still a fun little game you can waste a few minutes on even now. You can have up to 4 players taking part and it helped set the standard for what golf games would end up using for control techniques for the decade or so.

As you line up your player, you then need to stop the speed meter in the right place and then stop your hook meter at your desired angle. Too short and it will curve one way, too much and it will curve the other. Of course sometimes you want the ball to curve to there in lies the art of 10th Frame.

It has some flaws though. The meter takes a bit of getting used to as it doesn’t stay at a constant speed and increases in velocity as it approaches the hit area. The alley itself isn’t exactly straight. It likes to take its time to reset the pins…every time…argh! There’s not really any music to mention either.

10th Frame is a great game for its time and still worth a peek now just to see how the bowling sim got underway.

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