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Classic Console Game Review: 720 Degrees

Tony Hawks eat your heart out! My first skating game that left a decent lasting impression was 720 Degrees.

Orginally an arcade hit, turned into the wonderful duochrome of black and yellow (favoured by so many Speccy games) this game was ultra cool for its time and was seperated into four specific sections. You had the ramp levels (see picture) which played a lot like California Games but with less tricks, Slalom which was along with downhill effectively a race and Jump which was more stunt related. Each one had its own skill you needed to craft and depending on your results you’d be awarded medals which gave you access to more levels.

720 Degrees was always great fun and when my casette broke I was delighted to find it again on a bootsale for 10 pence! Of course there’s no dept of today’s trick systems but it was a game that gave a sense of speed, a well paced learning curve – boardin’ in Skate City was a dream.

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