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Classic Console Game Review: ATV Simulator (ZX Spectrum)

Anyone who knows of my other hobby (sim racing) knows I will eat up any racing or vehicle games. ATV Simulator comes from Codemasters and is as hard as nails to complete!

The two player game is a side scrolling racer where you must control your ATV’s speed, wheelie action and jumping skill to get through more complex assault courses. Of course, this isn’t quite hard enough (and trust me it is – you’ll be leaping over Sphynx’s and Pyramids and Seals and getting very stuck, very easily) there’s the obligatory time limit and even fuel tank (although usually your out of time first).

The controls take a bit of getting used to. Up and down controls your wheelie, space is jump and left and right your speed. However after a few go’s you’ll be enjoying split screen multiplayer – something this generation of online games hasn’t embraced quite how it should have been. However, I’ve owned this game since the late 80’s and I’ve never, ever completed it. It starts off easy going and then very quickly, you’re struggling to keep up. It’s maddeningly addictive but takes no prisoners either. ATV Simulator – I WILL get you one day!


  1. Seven years later…have you competed it yet? I’m stuck on the swamp… at least I’ve got past Tropicana after 30 years.

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