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Imogen Heap – “Everything Inbetween” DVD Review

It’s been a long time coming, I’d forgot I’d preordered it but when it arrived on my doorstep when I came home from work, it was the first thing I did – and wow what a DVD.

“Everything Inbetween” covers the making of the album “Ellipse” from the very first ambitious plans of travelling around Asia and the Pacific writing a song a week, to building her recording studio, glimpses into the recording process and plenty of fun homely stuff for good measure.

What comes across in this documentary is that Imogen is an artist through and through. Her creative processes soar and dive, she worries, she doesn’t always have full confidence and she is absolutely driven to create what’s spinning inside her head. When its working, she’s absolutely heleriously delerious and your busy getting excited with her as she discovers new sounds and harmonies. When its not working at all your also with her feeling her annoyance and solitude. It’s really captivating to go on such an epic journey with an artist you thought you know quite well and constantly discover new things.

It also makes you go back and appreciate Ellipse even more. I’ve been a massive Immi fan since 1998 when I saw Come Here Boy on the TV (actually I only saw the second half of the song and was so entranced I begged my mum to take me to the record store that week to buy the album with my pocket money) but I felt like now I really got to know her, and it was like hearing Ellipse for the first time again.

It also struck me that even the very first versions of the songs that you hear snippets of were phenominal before they recieved the Immi treatment. That’s the sign of a quality singer/songwriter.

“Everything Inbetween” is an emotional rollercoaster that any fan of Heap, music production or just documentaries in general would absolutely enjoy. It’s captivating from start to finish and as a struggling singer/songwriter myself its great to know someone else feels the same things I feel too.

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