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Heavy Melody To Contribute to EA’s Shift 2 Soundtrack

Heavy Melody have been busy of late – remixing and recomposing ten tracks from big name bands for the latest soundtrack to come from EA – Shift 2! The sound team which comprises of Dave Fraser, Neil Goldberg and Ari Winters have been mixing bands such as Stone Temple Pilots and The Bravery. You can hear samples over at their website

In another side note, both myself and fellow podcaster Maurice Zondag reviewed Shift 2 in our recent CrashCastFM podcast for sim racing lovers and gave it a big thumbs up.

Furthermore Heavy Melody run a side company called Heavyocity which develops virtual instruments for composers to use for music scores, game soundtracks, film scores and all kinds of wonderous audio delights. Chances are if you’ve seen a film with Hans Zimmer or Harry Gregson-Williams scoring it recently, you’ll have heard the tools at work. Great huh?

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