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Muffin – “Muffin EP” Review

Grassroots grunge to freak to

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Charly Bliss

Charly Bliss – “Guppy” Review

A perfect rock album to relive the year 2000 with

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Breathe Panel

Introducing… Breathe Panel

Seaside rockers with extra pedal effects

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Introducing… Childcare

In homage of awful stock photos

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Zola Blood

Zola Blood – “Infinite Games” Review

An album crammed with hits in waiting

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Spirit Award

Introducing… Spirit Award

A new Seattle trio enter the rock arena

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Clustersun – “Surfacing to Breathe” Review

Leaving that guitar echo on warble for a beautifully detuned moshfest

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Alt-J – “Relaxer” Review

An uneven but complex beast of beauty

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Mountain Bike

Introducing… Mountain Bike

Germany represents angry teens

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Clock Opera

Clock Opera – “Venn” Review

Clock Opera popped onto my radar at the end of last year with an great synth rock single and with the release of their second album Venn a couple of weeks ago, they have cemented themselves as a firm favourite new discovery in 2017. Their brand of rock has equal parts synth and electronica nods […]

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Zola Blood

Introducing… Zola Blood

Introspective electronica for the city drones

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The Survival Code

Introducing… The Survival Code

Time for a Londoner’s mosh up to get 2017 in full swing

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Spoilers – “Anti Vibe” Review

London’s got a riot in waiting (Spoiler warning)

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Highasakite – “Camp Echo” Review

Norway’s best musical export of 2016

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Clock Opera

Introducing… Clock Opera

Bringing a smooth indie synth vibe to rock.

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Indie Monastery

Indie Monastery – “One Big World” Review

The power of Persia in sonic form

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Introducing… Tigercub

Bringing back the 90’s blood boiling rock

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Mood Robot

Introducing.. Mood Robot

Smooth synth pop to while the evening away to

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Book Group

Book Group – “The Great Indoors” Review

Riff rockers make surprisingly great full rockers!

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Completions – “Completions” Review

A one man band of strings

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