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Damen – Unemployment, Broken Bones, Death Baby Review

Rolling rhythmic rockers.

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Gothenburg based Damen is an interesting case in point around understanding what works for a bands sound. Individually, each of the five songs on their EP are riots. Think Kings of Leon and The Amazons are you are about 80% there.

Damen – photo by Thomas Estifanos

Damen have a specific formula to their brand of rock that works incredibly well. Most of their tracks on their new EP have a rhythmic boom and rumble to them. The drums are the real backbone of the tracks and they are dynamic and full of range. Add to that plenty of reverb on their guitars and bass and you let a moody haze descend around that percussive chug. Damen’s songs all follow this same style and they are all mid to mid-fast tempo with the exception of closer ‘Waste of Time’ which is quicker and more aggressively electric.

I’m being a bit nitpicky here but when you place these five songs together, the opening three especially feel really similar. The same pace, rhythm and style of chorus. It made me appreciate the tracks less so I ended up rearranging the tracklist to break the similar songs up a bit and the EP flows a little better. I think it taught me that you can have too much of a good thing back to back.

That nitpick aside if you are looking for rock that is designed to be played at high volume, out in arenas and big open spaces – Damen has you well and truly covered. They know how to work their way to a big chorus and it pays off every time. A little more variety in tempo and style wouldn’t hurt but what is here is great.

Recommended track: Brightside

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Damen - Unemployment, Broken Bones, Death Baby



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