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Restorations – LP5000 Review

Indie rock simmered to perfection

There’s not been too many pure indie rock albums that have struck a chord with me throughout 2018 but LP5000 from Restorations is certainly one of them. Their mix of sympathetic but aggressive rock feels grand in scope and hard hitting with emotions.

Across the seven tracks, we are treated to all kinds of traditional indie rock. The opener ‘St’ has huge choruses, anthemic riffs and plenty of guitar noodling hidden underneath the post-rock synth drenches and chunky drums to create an organised chaos sound. It’s this idea of creating a meshed mess that really works as even when things are more radio-friendly as with ‘Nonbeliever’ which sounds like an early 90’s breakout hit in places. It just works – creating a rough edge around deceptively simple chords and riffs. Add to that the raw vocals that verge between singing and shouting like a rowdy country boy, especially in the twangy ‘Remains’, and you have yourself a winning formula.


Restorations enjoy playing around with their base sound and I approve. The electro beats of ‘Melt’ creates a lush allure when coupled with the hazy riffs of the electric guitar, whereas the fire rocket that is ‘The Red Door’ is a percussive monster. It’s an absolute riot and brings a real energy shot. ‘Eye’ that closes off the album integrates a warping machine synth and all kinds of tape warp trickery and it sounds fantastic. I can only hope for more of this expressive experimentation in the future as they stand out as finely crafted bursts of power.

LP5000 is short, over in 25 minutes and the only downside I have is I wanted more! Restorations have an uplifting energy as they charge you up with some superb percussion and stolen post rock effects placed into pop rock settings. It’s a fine release and should entertain more than a few rockers.

Recommended track – The Red Door

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Restorations - LP5000


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