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Spoilers – “Anti Vibe” Review

London's got a riot in waiting (Spoiler warning)

Punk rock has never died, but as a genre and an energy source it’s seeped into other areas of rock and Spoilers court the anarchism of punk rock of the 70’s and mash it with some of the riff-grunge rock of the 90’s.

The initially dull dirge of electric guitar, and drums create a wall of sound right from “Try, Try, Try” the albums opener. The track starts amped at 100% and refuses to budge from that setting even with some clever guitar effect filters. Anti Vibe as an album is always on and going full pelt. “Unfun” reminds me of the best of my 90’s with nifty hooks and riffs that nestle into your brain. I also love the way the vocalist, who is quite talk shout throughout the album, uses his falsetto to merge with the guitar harmonics to create an excellent howling effect. It’s actually a really complex track and a personal favourite on the album. “Imminent Future” is discordant and hazy as it reminds me what a lot of post-rock bands try to do – only this is running at 150 miles an hour. With it playing around with feedback and guitar harmonics, it’s here where the dull bass heavy production really shows off at it’s best as the track feels multi layered instead of feeling like it’s been squashed into a certain frequency range. It’s a stylistic choice which reminds me a lot of grunge in the early 90’s and I wouldn’t say it dampened the energy on the album where it’s used but you can hear a difference between the first two tracks and say “It’s A Lie I Told Myself” which a trashed up Nirvana-esque tightly woven mini masterpiece. In many ways the track reminds me of “Molly Lips” and the album of “Incesticide”. It is very garage rock with all its awesomeness and pitfalls too.

“Ripping” is a euphoric anthem for the every man and it’s made to be chanted along to absolutely drunk out of your skin (should be good for my Christmas carol then) before “No Pressure” gives us it’s warped detuned chords and razor-sharp guitar playing. Even for a mid tempo track, the drummer Mario in particular is able to shove fills in at an alarming rate and his precision perfect beats really help frame the organised chaos that the band relishes in. The album closes with “You Turn Around” which screams us all the way home with an ever-growing blitzkrieg of rock assault. It’s the kind of track born to smash-up your instruments to at the end of a gig and rounds off this pulse racing record perfectly.

Spoilers utterly kick arse. The album is a roaring celebration of anarchy and confusion laid into a four piece rock riot and with clever hooks and just enough mini tweaks in the production to make it not sound like bass dirge – we have a London band that’s well worth saluting. Probably my best punk discovery of the last couple of years.

Recommended Track : Unfun

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