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Hideki Sakamoto – Echochrome Concert Review

Hideki Sakamoto put on a fantastic concert on Sunday that was broadcast live on uStream. The concert, which contained a full orchestra, performed arranged renditions from the Echochrome series. Possibly the best music with the most generic names, so much so that I can’t actually remember which tune is which, the concert was absolutely perfect. Having the string quartet expanded into a full orchestra gave all the tracks extra depth and emotion while Sakamoto’s conducting gave us a character to relate to. I hope there’s plans for a release as the camera work and sound was perfect during the webcast. Here’s to hoping!


  1. Hey, you just mixed up Hitoshi Sakimoto and Hideki Sakamoto. It’d be pretty disturbing.

  2. You have the composer and photo wrong.

    The composer of echochrome, and the person who streamed the concert is HIDEKI SAKAMOTO, not HITOSHI SAKIMOTO.

    Similar name, but very different lol.

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