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Game Review: Square Logic Everyday Genius (PC)

Be prepared for a real head scratcher with this ingenious puzzler on the PC!

As with every puzzler, the concept is pretty simple – fill the ever-growing squares with the correct numbers. No number can be in the same line horizontally or vertically. Each section of the square is divided into colours and inside that colour should be a mathematical question. If it says +3, then you’d have to select a 1 and a 2. If it says Odd then its only odd numbers that go in. If maths isn’t your forte then a list of possible solutions are kept in the corner and they gradually grey out as you solve other parts of the square.

Maths?! Fun?! Oh yes it is! There’s a real sense of achievement each time you complete a square and while it gives you a par score to aim for, you can effectively click everything in every square to progress if you get stuck, plus there is a tip system in place too. The difficulty ramps up in a steady, but achievable curve by adding new types of logic puzzles to solve and then by hiding the colours for each equation leaving you to paint the grid if you want to be sure you’re on the right track. There are five areas in total and once you’ve completed each one, the grid size increases so if you thought the 4×4 grids were a challenge just wait until you’re looking perplexed at the 8×8 grids!

What is fantastic is that in each area there’s literally thousands of puzzles to complete. You don’t have to do them all but they are there should you really want to. It’s a strictly one player affair but you can team up together around a screen to solve away. If you’re hardcore you can also remove the possible solution box but I have to say, my head nearly exploded when trying that option!


~Absolutely massive

~Leaves your head hurting but still wanting more

~Extreme value for money

~Math sodoku anyone?


~If you don’t like maths or problem solving then you struggle to see the game through


A great gentleman like puzzler that requires brains, maths and a process of elimination. Educational and fun? Didn’t think I’d say that!

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