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Game Review: Numba (PSP Mini)

The puzzle genre. So many games revolve around a similar concept yet I never find things to be stale. Numba goes for the twist of chaining up number patterns. You can go up (1,2,3,4), down (4,3,2,1) , look at doing all odds, all evens or even go in incremental steps (1,5,9). It’s the sheer diversity that you can choose that then makes Numba such a frantic score fest. As ever there’s a timer clocking down for you to replenish with chains of 3 or more tiles. That mode will be for the medal chasers. For the thinkers there’s a clear the board mode where you have to really forward plan your moves to make sure you leave no tile unturned. Each mode has over 60 boards of each and the difficulty slowly increases per board nicely, changing a few things each time such as the number faces and introducing ice titles and multipliers.

There’s nothing really to complain about Numba either and the price is shockingly cheap!


~Cheapest Mini ever

~Simple but very addictive gameplay mechanics

~Perfect difficulty curve


~If you don’t like puzzles, this will not change your mind


Simple, effective and crisp from start to finish, Numba should be a classic on everyone’s PS3 and PSP Mini. Buy it now.

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