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Game Review: Canabalt (PSP Mini)

Canabalt essentially kick started a mini sub genre when it was originally launched – the automatic running game! Since it has taken a while for it to eventually arrive on the PSP Mini range, the heavily stylised game I’m afraid to say has been superseded by its clones.

It’s black and white visuals and scrolling speed of its graphics are well done, the music is fine but its like when a sequel arrived before the original came out. It feels good, familiar but not really any better than what’s already there. It’s also the easiest of the auto-run genre too. One Epic Game, I Must Run and The Impossible Game are all harder and it you come away from Mini’s Bit.Trip.Runner is more entertaining.


~Good to witness where a mini genre began

~Nicely stylised


~Easiest entry to the genre by far

~To lightweight to compete with its clones


A must for genre fans, I’d recommend any of the above games first before trying this out. It doesn’t do anything wrong at all, it’s just the weakest of the bunch.

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