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Game Review: Hungry Giraffe (PSP Mini)

Sometimes all you need is a little comic twist on a tried and tested formula and you have something feeling fresh and new. Hungry Giraffe is just that.

This starving lil thing needs feeding and its up to you to navigate his head around the many, many maze screens filling him up by passing over as much food as possible. This keeps lil Jimmy going and stops him slowing down. Once you’ve gobbled all you need you just keep ascending up to the next pile of food. Onwards, upwards, forever.

Of course these hi score challenge games can come crashing down easily and the game over mechanic here is that if you don’t find some food intime you’ll eventually stop propelling forward and your neck will collapse! Sounds far more graphic than it is really, but his cute face keeps you going. The puzzles come constantly and you must work quickly to navigate them in the shortest time to keep momentum going. Sometimes if you know its tight, you can use a near death experience to drop the giraffe down the screen and collect the hot chilli you need to fly back up again. It’s little things like that which sets the game apart from other also rans.


-Fluid, easy controls

-Bold graphics

-Absolutely addictive


-You could get infuriated as one mistake can cost all?


Addictive, simple and very time consuming if it grabs you, Hungry Giraffe is a stellar PSP Mini and deserves to be in everyone’s collection as one of the best examples of “just one more go” gaming.

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