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Game Review: Stick Man Rescue (PSP Mini)

I do enjoy a game that’s heavily stylised and one of the styles that works well on the PSP Mini systems is the stick man / paper style. It’s been used a few times at TikGames return to it for Stick Man Rescue.

The goal, similar to Choplifter, is to get your stick man army back to HQ! You pilot the chopper to do so, can shoot at enemy crafts and tanks and can carry your members back to base. Each level is laid out well and the difficulty curve is relatively gentle. There are a couple of other surprises to discover over the game but sadly the game doesn’t stay around too long and at 30 levels can be done in a single sitting easily.


~Artistic visuals

~Good control system

~Nice level design


~Artistic visuals (if stick men aren’t your thing)

~Too short

~Double the price and you can get Choplifter HD!


Stick Man Rescue is a strange one. It’s fun while it lasts but goes out to look and feel like a cheap rip off of a classic game. As a result it feels a bit hollow, is over too soon and feels a bit trapped by the platform its trying to sell. Maybe it’s because I’d recently played the game it’s trying to emulate. Either way, it is fun while it lasts at least and that’s something.

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