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Big Giant Circles – “The Haunting of Magnolia Manor OST” Review

Just two tracks encapsulate “The Haunting of Magnolia Manor” but Big Giant Circles manages to squeeze as much as he can into the small riff space he’s got. “Welcome Guest” has a great hark back to church organ Dracula dramas and reminds me of the Vampire ride at Chessington! It’s a short riff which is repeated several times with interjections of huge drums. It’s “Frantic Haunting” though that is the big track, with a fantastic chipset, highly polished drums full of all kinds of effects. I really dig it when composers fuse old chip tune sounds with new technology effects and this is what the track does with aplomb. It’s catchy, evolving, highly skilled and motivated to keep you utterly on your toes.

Only two tracks you say… shouldn’t hurt to purchase them for their awesomeness then really should it!

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