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Elmobo – “Aliens Incursion OST” Review

Aliens Incursion isn’t a game I’ve played (IOS – poor me with a non smartphone still) but elmobo has made a corker of a five track soundtrack for it. The sound is like taking all the theremin love from Alien b-movies and then shoehorned it into something that’s smoother than a chiptune but more like a 32 bit soundtrack.

Opening track “Aliens Incursion” showcases all of that with aplomb with a great hook, tons of atmosphere and a driving beat to get your blood pumping. “Deep Space” is a little more atmosphere heavy with a warbling bass line as the main driver behind the beat while thick keyboard pads chorus aaaaah their way through the track. “Warning! Warning!” gets predictably dramatic with rolling bass lines, theremin a plenty and big brass stabs to hit things home over the trademark stadium rock drums that this soundtrack loves so much as it breaks into an almight climax – fantastic stuff! “Capsules” goes for gritty orchestra electronica as big beats and string synths collide and the album rounds off with non game track “Leftovers” which is like a huge megamix of the previous four tracks.

Admittedly short, as IOS soundtracks are, elmobo has crafted a great sound. What I love is when these game music artists craft their own trademark sound and then release their own album of it aside from the games. Elmobo has us waiting in the queue!

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