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Gamadelic & Samy Cheboub – “Magical Drop V OST” Review

It’s so great to see Magical Drop back on our gaming systems and V comes with a free soundtrack too. What’s more it’s actually pretty darn good too!

Samy Cheboub opens things up with a rich orchestration with “It’s All Magic” that beautifully and wistfully uses the strings, the harp, the woodwind and xylophone to superb effect. Even the choir sample sounds rich here. “Get Ready!” is also rich with tumbling strings and huge brass arrangements that are more akin to a huge blockbuster movie. It’s rousing and instantly gets you into the mood for battle. “Hero Of Legend” then merges the rich orchestrations with Gamadelic’s stadium rock tracks. The result is something that is both headbanging and regal at the same time – similar to the Atelier series in many ways. “Final Battle” follows with catchy guitar riffs that are backed up with huge choir sections and big brass sections too. The guitar solos are superb. “Star’s Holiday” takes the drama away with this jolly jig with the piano and woodwind working in symbiosis in this bluesy shimmy. “Goddess Whisper” is a grande track of epic proportions with the ear being filled with an entire orchestra going for it.

On the flipside “I’m The Best!” returns to the techno fun music you associate with the genre more and kicks out cute fun riff after riff. Its catchy and it stands out more because of the music that surrounds it. “Fool’s Dream” is a track with great spirit as the brass lazily flourishes and the plinking xylophones give the track more character. Hidden underneath is also a lot of synth work that gives what seems a silly track a lot of depth. “Struggle to the Death” then ups the ante with a synth rock that has duelling violins breaking out while the electric guitar backs them up. “Exuding Courage” is ultra happy and plucky with its fast paced beat and 32 bit synth work approach. Sometimes game music is a bit po faced these days and this kind of fun needs to be had! “Mischief Rock’n Roll” is a rock track with a strange keyboard sample of a honky-tonk piano – but not quite – taking the lead in the verses before a cheesy guitar takes over the choruses.

“Lonely Battle” starts the final section of reprise with an epic orchestral rock track whilst “World Conquest” brings out everything that is synth in the soundtrack to a quirky final part for Gamadelic. The closing two tracks from Samy Cheboub are orchestral to the max. “Main Theme” is sweeping, grande and beautiful whiles “And the Story Goes…” reminds me of something you’d find in a Tim Burton movie with that playful eerie harp and xylophone combo playing the outro of a simple melody.

Magical Drop V’s soundtrack is a polished beauty. The fact its free makes it a must have for any VGM owner. It has character, punch and humour all wrapped up in a bundle.

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