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The Silver Lake Chorus – “Wreckage” Review

silverlakechorusThe Silver Lake Chorus take indie tracks and give them the whole vocal chorus revibe! The 27(!) strong chorus are angelically beautiful and have a wide repertoire but their “Wreckage” EP is a good place to start as it gives you both ends of the spectrum.

“From The Snow Tipped Hills” is a Bon Iver cover which is played out like an angelic choral arrangement. Soft, hushed, closer to thee so to speak. “Wreckage” (a song I’m not familiar with) brings in a far more adventurous mix with drums and other instruments and a more bombastic approach. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like 27 voices and then when they separate out into the far more complex arrangements in the middle eights – that’s when you get excited by the prospect of what they can do.

A gentle introduction but a fantastic concept I’m looking forward to what direction they head to in the future.

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