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Game Review – Snayke (PC)


Snayke is a wonderful throw back to the years where the Nokia phone game swept the mobile gaming world by storm. Taking your small blocky snake and moving it round to eat more block, each block you eat grows your snake and thus your score.

Snayke takes the idea to a few new places, notably by trying to making puzzle levels from them by making certain blocks do different things. Some need to have them pressed in order, other have directional power so some turn off if you eat other up meaning they can’t be eaten at all. They are all great mechanics although they aren’t pushed to all the lengths they should be and the game can be completed very quickly.

Aside from this there is a local 4 player mode (AI can be used) where you have to get the biggest snake and get rid of everyone else. This changes the momentum greatly and is an excellent addition. I will say Snakeball (PS3) does it better but essentially this mixes things up greatly. There is also a decent level editor so you can share levels with people although the community is small – this is an excellent feature!

The main thing with this game is making sure its response times work well and they do. Without this the game would be broken.


~Good twist on a game of old

~Local 4 player mode is mildly distracting

~Level editor works a treat


~Doesn’t push all its ideas to the fullest and sells itself short

~Music really doesn’t match the pace of the game at all


Short, sweet but not quite driving all the ideas forward perfectly to make it an essential purchase for the casual quick five-minute game fans. However if you get into the level editor and have a few snake loving friends, you could find a lot of love about Snayke.

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