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Avoid – Quick Look / Review (PC)

Avoid is a game of perception and dexterity. The simple premise see’s you as a green block trapped inside a square mass. Increasing waves of yellow blocks fly across the playing field and you must dodge them. In this dodging game, Avoid has one extra trick up its sleeve and that’s the ability to squeeze your block into thin vertical or horizontal oblongs to get through tighter gaps. This opens up what would be a very quick game into one of chance to see if you’ll scrap through gaps.

Avoid is best played in short, sharp bursts and is great for five minutes runs. The controls are spot on and collision detection is too – which is key for a game like this. There’s three modes available although Marathon is the best and multi-player can see you trying to block your opponent into a death trap.


-Great for hi-score lovers

-Good multiplayer option


-Music that is initially catchy only feels like a 30 second loop


Fun in very short doses, this certainly won’t keep you up all night but if a few of your mates get it – I think a hi-score frenzy would become common place in the same vein as Coconut Dodge on the PSP Mini series.

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