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Game Review: Burgertime World Tour (PS3)

Monkey Paw Games have been an utter saviour for me on the PS1/Ps2 import front. I wish a few more would make their way over and I didn’t have to have accounts for when I’m in other parts of the world to get stuff. One of their own titles however is a re-imagining of the 80’s classic Burgertime. With its new lease of life, has it recaptured the originals fun but sadistic game play? In a word – yes!

Burgertime World Tour takes all the good and all the bad of a game with a simple premise and runs with it. Cute playful graphics can only mask a few things but if the gameplay isn’t right it’ll fail regardless. Burgertime World Tour is hard as nails and unforgiving. Not to say Super Meat Boy standards, but with so many enemies chasing you around as you try to navigate the levels you’ll get caught out often. The aim is to make burgers by running over each ingredient and thus dropping it down to the next level of these giant tower structures. You’ll spend as much time hop, skipping and jumping as you will climbing ladders while being chased by chilli’s, sausages, pickles and the like. Each enemy has its own weakness to be navigated round and if you’re in a bind a limited supply pepper pot or spatula can get you out of certain death. Death will be seen all too often though.

You can fudge through the main game but some of the trophy challenges are for high score rankings which are based on time and no lives lost so speed running is essential for 100%’ers. There is also multiplayer action to be had with up to 4 players battling it out over the burgers and this is seriously great fun. Having three other people trying to tactically outwit each other while avoiding everyone else to collect the big points for burger completion is certainly an undervalued gem.


~Improves on the original concept

~Addictive and frustrating in equal measure but you’ll always be back for more

~Cute style graphics and music

~Multiplayer mode is a blast


~Some cheap deaths


Burgetime World Tour will sadly go down as a hidden gem. I’ll advocate to anyone to give them fantastic game a go. It’s like someone picked up an 80’s arcade and through it through a magical shower of late 90’s cuteness. What more could you possibly want?

(Also on XBL and WiiWare)

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