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Game Review: Super Amazing Wagon Adventure (PC)

superamazingwagonadventureCrude is fun sometimes! Super Amazing Wagon Adventure takes everything that retro pixel graphics and gameplay lovers want and places it into a zany completely randomised endless trek to the ends of the world.

The premise is simple. Your wagon has three family members – each with four life hearts. You can move your wagon and you can shoot. Most similar to a 2D scrolling shooter initially the game intersperses random events such an animal attacks, bandits, river crossings, monsters, unicorns, caves, eating “bad” mushrooms – the game has a plethora of randomised events that take place quickly. Each one can be over in about 20 seconds but that’s not the point. You’ve got to react, adapt and stay safe and that’s harder done than said! The controls are responsive and definitely work better with a controller than the keyboard because the shooting takes a bit of getting used to as when on foot (such as when your picking berries), things turn into a twin stick shooter.

What the game has down to perfection is the humour. It’s the same kind of humour that made McPixel popular only I find this game far more accessible even if the games last the same length of time! It’s a joy to read the dozens of ways you can die in a pixellated spray of red. With some great chiptune music to ride along with and some survival modes too (not story related) there’s plenty to come back for. No two games will run identically for a very long time.


-Excellent pitch of humour

-Genuinely edge of the seat as you struggle against stacking odds

-Hat tipping to retro gaming at its finest


-Some outcomes are learnt via trial and error which can be frustrating if you’ve got quite far


A great single player mission to see how far you can get – I have no idea if there’s an actual ending yet! The main thing is that I don’t want to stop trying and I’ll be getting plenty of my mates on to see how far they can get before a unicorn stabs them in stomach and they choke on their own vomit…!


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