IG88 – “Mutual Mastication” Review



IG88 came to me as a recommendation from Bandcamp when I bought some Atra Alterna albums and when Bandcamp recommends you something, you usually listen.

IG88’s Mutual Mastication is a wonderfully spacial freeflowing spillage of electronica from candle wax to ear. The opener “Poisson D’Avril” mixes some warm glossy keyboard synths with some more industrial beats and buzzes. Over the top there’s an emulsion of siren wails and calming hums whilst distorted swirling vocals patter around whilst never coming to the fore. It’s a great introduction to the palette that will come.

“Bathing in Blindfolds” takes the industrial beats a step further and adds some live guitar into the mix whilst the keyboards get more celestial and blurry. The production pushes everything up very close to the ear and whilst that may not be good for some, it’s like there’s a mini competition with all the sounds going for your ears. “Fallopian Tube Tunnel Vision” becomes more abstract relying on phased bass riffs and twisted vocal loops whilst the laid back drum beat pulsates in an almost reggae style. It does have a lovely chord structure behind it all that rises and motivates you. “An Ice Cube’s Sunrise” then becomes the most melodic track so far with some beautiful new age moments as the track slowly develops and builds itself.

“Nebulous Eyes” takes things back a notch to be more of a laid back noise and effects track over a bass line before “Music For Marshmellows” goes for the electric piano sound over some pitch bending synth pads and echoing vibes. The result is a trippy laid back bounce-a-thon which matches the name beautifully. “Plausible Pause” then brings a down tempo breathe to events which almost feels like a closing of the eyes before “Technicolor Yawn” takes a complete sound palette change. Gone are the heavy drums in the foreground and replaced is a simple rolling beat where harps, bells and strings then flow in with chipmunk vocal distortion. It surprisingly works really well!

“An Ice Cube’s Sunset” then returns to the more spacious and celestial keyboard effects over a miniture beat. It utterly brings the album full circle and although the album effectively finishes there, we have “Nebulous Eyes (Halogen Remix)” which takes a lot of vocal snippets and melts them into a warm collage of soothing oohs and aaahs over a trip-hop beat. The result is like having an all night cuddle and then this is the warm duvet round your legs at the end.

IG88’s album will not be for everyone. It’s celestial abstract nature may put those wanting immediate hooks off. However there is a story that goes on throughout the album and an emotion of reaching beyond this sky that is undeniable and this is a perfect chill out album with added depth.



Categories: abstract, composer, Electro Indie, electronica, indie, industrial, music, New Age, review


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