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Ahimsa – “Qualia” Review

Post Rock 8 minute progressions? Every tracks a Heroes theme...
Ahmisa – Qualia

Post Rock. Such an open term that I find means so many different things. For Ahimsa, and his EP “Qualia” released earlier this month, it means epic soundscapes of lost loneliness and swirling riffs of beauty. The name your price release contains four very interesting tracks and it’s very worthy of your time.

“Arcane” opens the EP with two thirds of the track swirling around the same riff whilst various sharp to the ear swirls pierce in and out of your aura. It becomes somewhat hypnotic and relaxing – a zen like experience until it bursts into a giant rage for the final 50 seconds. It’s still the same riff but now engaged in electric and percussion. Title track “Qualia” makes no bones that it will be electric after its nod to a tribal inspired beat, slowly more and more electric guitar embellishments seep into the mix. The eight minute symphony builds and builds into its grungy burst. It’s a visceral push as the guitars and synths play slightly discordant off each other. There’s a slight mixing problem perhaps in trying to cram all the noise in but the several minutes of pure organic guitar push is amazing. “Ganymede” is a short sub two minute guitar harmonics led piece that is peaceful and spacious whilst still revealing it has pace and feeling as the track is underpinned by a specific plucking beat. As that track fades “Nebula” arises as the second eight minute plus piece. It has specific pieces to it, opening with laid back swirling riffs that roll off the fingertips with ease like a jamming session before the inevitable build up begins. With Nebula however everything comes together perfectly and it really pushes Ahimsa into a quality post rock composer.

If I were being picky the MIDI drums don’t quite sit right on the mix for me but then my own albums are always a state when it comes to that too. What can’t be argued is that Post Rock build up to a mega finale – Ahimsa has you well and truly covered.

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