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Big Giant Circles – “Threes The Soundtrack” Review

Do the best things come in Threes?
Big Giant Circles
Big Giant Circles

Big Giant Circles released a small soundtrack for the game Threes. Funnily enough – it’s three tracks long! None of the songs are three minutes long though so that’s where that ends – on with the review!

Each track is lengthy and swirls around different styles as it plays out a relatively complex and chirpy melody. The track itself plays much like an extended end credits track where you get little snippets of several character themes. The first mix of the track “Threes is the Bees Knees” pushes from slinky piano jazz and double bass fun to French waltzing to LPB vocalised music. It has a clumsy toy fair feel to it all as it keeps the same pace throughout as it slides up and down the chords. There is also an alt unused version which pairs down a lot of the extra gimmicky effects and gives us a more MIDI style take on things. There’s a little bit more of an organic feel but there’s little difference between the two. The third track is “Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Three Me” and acts as the proper b-side. It has a more epic horizon sci-fi feel as echoing percussion phases in and out over bubbling warm synth pads. A melody pushes out from the half way point but it stays firmly in the softly does it category as things gradually glitch and build into a more space odyssey-esque finale. I like how it never really explodes into its finale, but you feel like it reached a conclusion anyway.

Threes is a fun little soundtrack. The tracks are nicely done and the production value is high. It’s not got the most immediate hooks in the world but I can imagine you enjoying the theme far more once you’ve played the game. Great stuff from Big Giant Circles.

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