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Brent Kennedy – “The Binding of Isaac Piano Collection” Review

Bringing the Gothic to the piano in the basement
Brent Kennedy
Brent Kennedy

I love the piano. It’s a wonderfully expressive instrument that can fit into so many beautiful bundles. Here Brent Kennedy takes the ivories for a tour de force as he interprets the Gothic Binding of Isaac soundtrack.

Opening “Sacrificial” is a carefully translated as a rise and fall as the piano tinkles in and out before “Respite” gives a more vampire like touch to the chords with a rolling and kooky delivery. It takes its time to deliver the slowed down, brooding moments and there is plenty of space to let the low notes rumble out of earshot. “Combat Medley” interestingly goes for a mix of dramatic big scoring and a hint of razzmatazz in places. It continuously switches up the pace and the tension. It’s the more intricate unveiling of mini riffs that got me excited however as Brent really shows off his piano chops here.

“Tomes” is more neo classical and grande as it feels full-bodied. Some of the other tracks are bit thinner in production but this has the full range of notes and is a pleasure to listen to. “Serenity Interlude” does exactly what it says on the tin before the title track “Binding of Isaac” which is an all-encompassing piece that takes the best of all that’s come before it and weaves it into a cool mesh of soul. “Penance” goes for the serene high notes and a gorgeous melody that I could listen to on repeat over and over. It’s got an eerie ghostly edge to it with all the minor keys but it’s possibly my favourite track on the album.

“My Innermost Apocalypse” is a dramatic battle track that has some amazingly complex moments between waves of shrill and rumbling moments of power. It makes the regal “Serenity” more impactful as it closes the album with a spacious Eastern European sounding track.

It’s a short half hour collection of arrangements but it’s perfectly formed. Each track makes its point and successfully twists the original into a new form. Brent Kennedy’s fingers work their magic and it’s with a strong recommendation that I give this piano collection a seal of approval.

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