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Astroskeleton – “Breadcat in Space OST” Review

It's a cat. It's a loaf of bread. It's breadcat!

A cute four track chiptune soundtrack to an ios game, I must confess I found this tiny gem purely from the artwork which I’ve included here. Astroskeleton however is an accomplished chip artist and deserves to be mentioned for the skill woven into the four tracks.

“Galactic Donut” has spacious arpeggios that are made more spacious by a slow stomping beat and some weird meows that sound more like fog horns. It’s a fun track but its “Wholewheat Fighting Machine” that is the real gem. A trip back to the Atari ages with the type of chipset that has a hiss to its drums, the melodies twist, bend, sway and interplay off of each other. It’s a fine track which accompanies “Aim for the Stars” well, which takes elements of the opening tracks melody and runs with it into a much more faster paced song. There’s even a mini dub-step section thrown in for good measure as a break down. The closing track is “Star Power Loop” which is a relatively simple but maddening loop that just keeps on going and rotating round. You don’t even notice it’s the same riff on repeat until the tracks over. The only downside to it is that it ends abruptly and for the soundtrack I’d have liked a fade out or a proper finish.

Fun, silly, irrelevant but full of so many beans, Breadcat in Space is a lovely soundtrack. Will it change the world? No. It does make me smile wholeheartedly though.

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