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Zantilla – “Cack Salad” Review

Retro chiptune fans rejoice

Zantilla is a well versed chip tunist whom has released some belters in their time. Cack Salad is a short four track EP that keeps things tight, taut, frantic and frenzied. It reminds me of Metroid, R-Types and the 8-bit era in its dramatic finest.

“Horizon Chimera” opens with a complex melody and tons of percussion. It feels quite claustrophobic as the track is quite mono and lacking any reverb. “Quag Sickness” on the other hand reminds me of the Master System but I’m not sure why. It’s slinky and its bass line really pushes the tracks groove. It’s got an Outrun / Cop game vibe. “Mirari’s Wake” is the more subdued track whilst “Cruel Ultimatum” is like the ultimate rock track laid out in late 80’s chipsets. Feisty, full of drama and breakouts – it showcases Zantilla’s ability to craft symphonic tracks.

It’s not the place I’d start with Zantilla as there’s more accessible stuff out there for the artist, but for fans of chiptunes and of Zantilla, this is a welcome 2014 stop-gap until we get a full release soon.

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