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Introducing… Eat the Apple

Experimental cabaret alt-pop rock anyone?! HELL YES should be your answer!
Eat the Music
Eat the Music

Whilst I could reference several things in the post to Kate Bush, I’d rather focus on one of the most unique and hauntingly inquisitive tracks I’ve heard in 2016. “Houdini” is the lead track from Eat the Apple’s latest release. Eat the Apple are duo KT and Ivory. KT created a dance theatre glam rock show called “A Glimmer of Hope or Skin or Light” which had sold out runs in 2010 and 2015. Joining with Ivory around the same time, the two have worked on creating a soundtrack from that show and this is the result.

The video for “Houdini” is visually striking and moves across various experimental art pieces and I’m genuinely excited to hear the soundtrack in full. Enjoy the snippet below – a full review will be coming when the soundtrack is released in December.

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