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Tiasu – “W_Hole” Review

A technical marvel of synth and guitar

Tiasu is best known for his amazing chiptune work, however with W_Hole, chiptune music is integrated more deeply into a more synth based b-movie style electronica/trance hybrid album and the results are fantastic.

The whole album has a kooky b-movie alien invasion feel to it. Whether it’s the title track raining synths down on your soul, or the heavy beats from “Stolen” – there’s a wonderful cross over between the more old skool chip music and the synth soundtrack world that kicked off in the 16 – 32 bit era. What’s clear is that the album has a distinct sound and vision – as well as a pulsating energy and none of the opening tracks let one beat go unnoticed – particularly in the running off beat “Entangled”.

In the second half of the album, some of the more 8 bit styled chip sets return but with their phasers set to death ray. The “Divided” tracks, both part 1 and 2, are some of the most intricate and euphoric tracks Tiasu has ever made. When the electric guitars and horns burst in for a stadium rock number in part 2 – I challenge anyone to not be moshing around with an air guitar feeling like they are on top of the world. I can see that track in particular being one of my favourite tracks of the year. Easily.

This metal chip hybrid stays for the manic “Avoid” which is a full on assault on the senses and doesn’t let up through the militant space battle that is “Twisted” and “Vanquished Foe” – which slowly hands the synths back control in a dizzying finale of an almighty segment of power and technical prowess. The final two tracks feel like a 5000 mph hairpin bend through all the album has to give and then it leaves you breathless and wanting more on the very last chord.

I have long been a fan of Tiasu’s work but this collection is simply something else. The amount of complexity, showmanship, energy and wow factor in the arrangements left me speechless. The ability to balance musical talent and fantastic ear worms is here and I can see this album being in the top tier of chip tune infested music for decades to come. Astounding!

Recommended Track : “Divided Pt 2”

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