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Norihiko Hibino Releases “Prescription for Serenity” App

The musical app to send you to sleep
Gentle Love
Gentle Love

Many people will know Norihiko Hibino’s music from his contributions to the Metal Gear Solid series, but he has also been making jazzy albums under the name GENTLE LOVE with pianist AYAKI. Extending from that collaboration, Hibino has released an 11 album relaxation app called “Prescription for Serenity” which lets you play the music to soft backgrounds.

It’s an extension from his foray into apps when he turned his previous “Prescription for Sleep” albums into apps but this app, which starts off with 82 songs, will be updated over time with new music to suit different moods for relaxation. There’s also a sleep timer function.

Enjoy the sample below – the apps out on Google Play and iTunes.

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