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Wojtek Szczepanik – “Instinct 432hz” Review

A calming piano that's sent to heal.
Wojtek Szczepanik
Wojtek Szczepanik

I do enjoy a concept album and pianist and composer Wojtek Szczepanik has revolved his ideas around frequency of sound. The piano solo album see’s Wojtek play with a piano tuned to A-432hz which some believe is a frequency that heals body and mind. Whilst I can’t claim either way, what it does mean is the album has a softer production and feels more like a caress on your ear at times.

The album which consists of eight tracks, six numbered as Instincts and an intro and outro but to me they are rising peaks of emotion and patterns. Each track is slightly more involved and developed than the last as it reaches a boiling point. In particular for me, “Instinct IV” and “Instinct V” are where things reach a perfect blend of melodic riffs and Wojtek’s playing often sounds like there’s actual 3 or 4 hands playing the track all at once. There are no poor tracks though and they share themes and motifs across the whole half hour.

One piece of attention I love is that the album was recorded in a wooden chapel and you can hear it. There’s gentle creaks in the wood and the warmth of the surface comes through the recording. At times its like a little second character adding soundscape effects and I really appreciated that it’s there.

Although piano day has come and gone, this album is one to cosy up to long afterwards. I real triumph of composing and showmanship – it’s a loving work and ode to feeling, healing and the boiling tub of emotion we call the heart. Superb.

Recommended Track : Instinct V

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