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Andrew Jasinski – “Embracing the Universe” Review

The hang drum for relaxation and relief
Andrew Jasinski
Andrew Jasinski

I have an affinity with the hang drum. It has such a wonderfully soft and lush tone, whilst having that percussive slap to it and a wholeness that makes melodies and dreams at the same time. Andrew Jasinski’s new EP mixes the hang drum with a steel tongue drum to create a meditative but melodic metallic bliss.

Across the four tracks that total 38 minutes, Andrew is able to really show different sides to the drums. There are bassy booms, rolling melodies, journeyman like plods and gentle caresses of the metal without even a hit. It’s lights off, candles on type of music and whilst it’s not going to be providing hook after hook, the middle section of “Transforming Fire” shows a real craftsmanship of the instruments.

So if you need some background chill music or want to be reminded of tranquil beaches and sunsets of gold, this is a great place to return to for that sanctuary.

Recommended Track : Transforming Fire

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