Silent Bomber – “Stealth EP”

Silent Bomber

Silent Bomber

Silent Bomber is a new project for chiptune and electronica artist Shirobon, and the marked difference is that Silent Bomber is the subtle twist away from happier and brighter electronica to something more cyberpunk, gritty and aggressive.

Across the three tracks on Stealth, the basslines are sharp and buzzing, the vocals and sirens are rousing and piercing and the tracks are focused on pushing an angry groove as crassly and forcefully as possible. Instead of it being party time, this is the kind of slow techno rave that you’d get in a dark neon glow underground club. It’s pitch-bent. It’s less about melody and more about feeling – and it’s full-on groove.

Fans of Shirobon’s previous work will find the cross over easy to deal with and will enjoy both projects as some of his previous work had edged this way, but the jewel here is that Silent Bomber can make bass lines that vibrate your bones and so you feel the aggression and dankness within. It feels more like a sci-fi arcade shooter game soundtrack than anything else, and that’s no bad thing either.

Recommended Track: Suspect

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