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Aethernaut – “Summer Jamz” Review

Sunny chiptunes

As I sit in the UK, in minus conditions and snow falling down, Aethernaut’s “Summer Jamz” EP is currently warming my heart and body with its happy chiptune Vocaloid tunes.

Crossing two of my favourite geeky genres, Aethernaut has stumbled firmly into a niche area where being great at both sides really rewards the listener with uplifting, fast-paced tracks. “Poor Party” is happy go lucky, strong power chords and plenty of straightforward Vocaloid chip-pop. It’s catchy without being annoying and cute with it, however, “Shine Get” is my stand out favourite. A track that sounds like a lost piece from Sonic 3, it’s rich and complex drum n bass chiptune riot sees it flip from happy chords to funky riffs and nearly to a happy hardcore moment as it channels pure musical euphoria. “Gradient Walk” is far more fun and summer inspired. It’s synth voiced approach and use of game sounds reminds me of the amazing group “The Flight Away”, which are now defunct as the track carries the same level of bounce and finesse. Where Aethernaut excels in in the complexity of multiple riffs playing off against each other. Closing out the EP is the swing beat “Tell Me Everything You Know” which heavy of the cute electric piano. It’s end credits lazy day approach gives it a certain tinge of whimsy even though it is a happy track and rounds off the EP nicely.

If you’re looking to brighten up the miserable weather, this EP will do you the world of good – and Aethernaut has now become a name on my lips when I think chiptune artist.

Recommended track: Shine Get

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