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Fawns of Love – Part Time Punks Session Review

A celestial siren-like rock show

A live EP release is usually a bit of a tricky release to sort out but its actually a good place to start if you’re new to shoegazers Fawns of Love. The married duo, teachers by day, rock by night and their live radio performance “Part Time Punks Session” really captures their beautiful airy and eerie quality.

Fawns of Love
Fawns of Love

“Silly Boy” opens full on Cocteau Twins. The tinny drum machines patter away but its the swirl of the breathy synths and dense guitar mist that takes over the main portion of the sound whilst vocalist  Jenny’s voice is drenched in so much reverb she sounds like she’s singing from the other side of a chapel. Each of the seven tracks follow the same sound, with a new cover track  “Rocket Science” from The Chills closing out the EP adding slightly more electric guitar but still in keeping with the overall sound. As it’s all recorded using the same equipment and set up, it’s down to the tracks to stand out with the dark synth’s of “Names, Names, Names” giving off a back alley nightclub sleaze tone and the catchy chords and choruses of “Please” and “His Face” being the standouts for me.

It’s a short review, but that’s because it is a concise EP that showcases some excellent live chops, a wonderful cohesion of guitar, synth, 80’s drum machines and siren-like vocals. Like Cocteau Twins? You’ll get a kick out of Fawns of Love.

Recommended track: Please

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Fawns of Love - Part Time Punks Session


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