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Introducing… Taco Mouth

Taco Mouth

A mash-up of 60’s era rock, a splash of punk angst and plenty of modern-day indie rock hooks, Taco Mouth are a band that mixes the uprising of the underdog, two-fingered politics and a decent riff to great effect. Each band member has already enjoyed playing plenty of other bands before becoming Taco Mouth and their debut album, called “A Deafening Silence”, is due out on the 26th October and will have 10 tracks – six new and four re-recorded from their EP’s. Interestingly it’s been produced by Michael Wagener whose worked with Metallica so I expect every song to feel alive and huge.

The lead single from the album is called “You Say” and you enjoy it below. Taco Mouth’s “A Deafening Silence” will be reviewed on Higher Plain Music around release.

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