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Dmitry Evgrafov – Return Review

Subtle synths for new age reflections

Dmitry Evgrafov is a modern classical composer that combines piano composition with various effects and drone-like samples. With his latest release “Return” which came out last week, the Moscow based musician creates a concise and wisdom filled EP that doesn’t want to shock you and bring you dramatic melodies. Instead its about reflective wisdom and restrained melodies.

Dmitry Evgrafov
Dmitry Evgrafov

Opening with “Falter” which fades in from distant echoes, the piano is classical but laid back in a very European way. “Bygones” is a little more pointed with its bluesy second half that gains momentum as it plays a melody that purposely doesn’t use the usual chord structure. It sonically sounds like your waving old problems goodbye, but also acknowledging that those problems were awkward and off-kilter too. “The Waves” translates to waves of low piano keys rumbling softly as an undercurrent to the main melody. It feels epic as piece gains form and traction and with its very nuanced synth work and rumbling sheet metal, the track is very evocative of the sea.

“Unity” sees a complete shift from piano to synth. The ambient effects and glassy synths mesh with feathery string samples to create a feeling of something religious but cavernous at the same time. It’s more a mood piece than a melodic one, whereas “Constellation” has a melodic base with its piano but is completely soaked in magical synth creaks, pops, jingles and twinkles. You can feel the wonder for the sky and stars and also feel like you are slowly floating around in them too. The EP closes with “Znanie (Alternative Version)” which takes Dmitry back to his drone synth roots in a new age piece of rounded squishy space pads and the occasional tape chew.

Dmitry Evgrafov shows with “Return” has added layers of very subtle effects and samples can really transform a simple piano piece. That’s where the EP shines best for me and I hope he continues down that route in the future.

Recommended track: Constellation

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Dmitry Evgrafov - Return


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