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Introducing… David Allred

David Allred

David Allred is gearing up to release his debut solo album and his lead single “The Garden” has bewitched me. The singer and multi-instrumentalist has made his debut single entirely based on his vocals. Layering them in a similar way to Imogen Heap’s “Hide And Seek” but in a more folk like way, occasionally the melancholy but comforting loneliness and stillness of the song builds up into a vocal murmuring shimmer. Sometimes you are not sure if its a collection of voices or an ambient synth pad… or both! It’s a really unique sound and whilst I don’t expect the whole album to be in that vein, I am expecting the forthcoming album, entitled “The Transition”, to be a sensitive one. David has said that The Garden reflects his mental health and the way how he deals with online communication. Since the album is bought about returning home feeling a failure, there’s an element of sadness there but what is also fascinating is that David Allred collected stories and thoughts from his job working in a retirement home. I’m looking forward to hearing how this all weaves together.

Enjoy the excellent single “The Garden” below. David Allred’s “The Transition” is due out 2nd November.

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