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Son Lux – Yesterday’s Wake Review

Proof that recycling works

Son Lux has always had a penchant for reworking his music into different forms and versions. Almost all his albums have a remixed or reworked version and they are just as fascinating and as interesting as the aggressive electronica rock that the now three-piece band create. “Yesterday’s Wake” follows suit, reforming motifs and tracks into new pieces and adding two new tracks to the Bright Wounds era.

Son Lux
Son Lux

The two reworked pieces are “All Directions I” and “All Directions II”. They take the motif and hook from the earlier tracks like “No Crimes” and “Easy” and shape it into a beautifully crafted noise palette of lush strings that wilt around the motif and atmospherics that compliment, chaff and drench the strings. “Delivery” hosts the lyrics from the track “Young” from the previous album and also harks back to the music of the superb single “TEAR Pt 2”. It’s such a mash-up on songs, instruments, motifs and nods that it feels familiar yet fresh as well and when it breaks out into a bassline frenzy it’s utterly glorious. Readers may have remembered that in the album Bones I was a bit critical of this recycled approach and I think its because in an album I expect something fresh when its labelled as such, but as extra bonus EP’s like this, I really welcome the approach. “Delivery” is superb and so is “Yesterday’s Wake” which plays to Son Lux’s softer side with brushed percussion, hazy organs and an after the curtain has gone down feel to it.  Ryan’s voice is unmasked and upfront crystal clear which is unusual and it cuts through what is an echo clad piece that feels both ceremonial and cleansing.

Yesterday’s Wake is probably the not the best place to start (try any of the albums, to be honest – they’re all excellent) but it’s a must-have addition for fans for the band and rounds off the Brighter Wounds era perfectly.

Recommended track: Delivery

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Son Lux - Yesterday's wake


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