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Introducing… Polly Panic

Polly Panic

In the 90’s one of my best friends was obsessed with Buffy The Vampire Slayer and the only thing I enjoyed about it was that she lent me the soundtrack. I discovered a few bands from that soundtrack and one of them was cello rock Rasputina. Their sound was electric and eclectic in equal measure. I didn’t realise until today that Rasputina band member Jeanette Mackie has been releasing solo music under the name Polly Panic. It’s very much in the veins of that sludgy, grungy, muddy rock that I love from the 90’s and the cello is very much front and centre. Dark. Angry. Brooding. What’s not to love?

Polly Panic’s returning for her third album entitled “Losing Form” and the title track is the lead single with a suitably moody video below. It’s fantastic to hear the sound is still as visceral as it was many years ago. The album’s due out on the 20th of November and when it comes out I’ll be hoovering up the back catalogue too no doubt.

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