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Rafael Dyall Kickstarts An Eastasiasoft Piano Collections

Colours – A Piano Album

Eastasiasoft has been supporting some great niche titles over the last decade. My personal favourites from them are Rainbow Moon, Lost Sea and the Soldner X series. Across all of the games Rafael Dyall has been composing all kinds of music that to me evokes the early 2000 era when the 64-bit consoles were giving way to the next generation. Rafael has teamed up with pianist Kordian Więcek to compose a piano collection album spanning his eastasiasoft career. Entitled “Colours”, the idea is that a colour related to a mood and each track will show that. The Kickstarter goals are really quite reasonable and I’m a sucker for a great piano arrangement of game music. I’ll be backing the All Digital tier personally on payday and whilst I don’t often support Kickstarters, this seemed right up some of my readers street as game music and/or piano lovers.

Take a look at the Colours – A Piano Album Kickstarter. There are two samples on the page to help gauge if you’ll enjoy it and there’s sheet music available from the second tier up!

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