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Introducing… Katie Mullins

Katie Mullins

Katie Mullins uses her voice as a multi-layered instrument in a beautiful way that I’ve not often heard. Katie loops her voice over and over to create an ambient choir of one. The lead track from her new EP “Three Songs” which comes out 26th October is called “Crocuses” and it is entirely vocal only. You are taken on a folk ditty like journey initially but as the song blooms into its own entity, Mullins’ voice becomes a soothing river of wonder and calm. I absolutely love it and will be grabbing the EP on release. It’s a new direction for the folk singer/songwriter who returns to music after a five-year break from releasing music following repeated vocal chord haemorrhages. I’m delighted she’s returned and if you want to discover a new acoustic folk woman of spirit – Katie Mullins is for you.

Enjoy “Crocuses” below – Three Songs will be out 26th of October.


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